Our Approach

We are seeking US emerging and advanced technology developers who have proven technology, presumably beyond the working prototype stage, that clearly fills and identifiable market niche that is large enough to eventually atrract a Series A round of venture capital investment. Your firm should have protected IP that is licensable without any infringment on existing IP.

We will examine your business plans and intellectual property on aconfidential basis with the mutual understanding that we are working to find a Chinese technology firm interested and capable of exploiting an exclusive license of your IP rights for the CHinese market only.

We also seek to identify, and potenitally fund,  joint technology development opportunties to work with US-based universities, institutes, government labs and research centers.

Since January 2006, our Founder and Director, Michael Crowley has lectured and trained over 489 senior Chinese delegations to the US. During this 12 year period of time, Mr. Crowley has focused his conslting with China, and his lectures to over 19,000 Chinese delegates, upon innovation, entrepreneurship,venture capital formation,  venture creation, technology commericalization and international cross-border finance.

China has been preparing to become an "Innovaion Nation" with Blue Skies and Blue Waters for many years and made major investments in bringing Chinese business, university and governmental leaders to the US to examine our system of advanced technology investment and development.

These hundreds of three week long visits to the US has now yielded an national understanding of the US technology commercialization system that has made American tech firms attractive to China; however, working directly with and investing directlyin early-stage US firms presents some very practical hurdles that are difficult to overcome. We believe that our Center will be a very pracical first step forward for US-China technology relationshops.

Meet the Team

Our team  members listed below are based in Western New York,

Michael Crowley

Founder & ExectivDirector

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Xianliang (Ben) Wang

Director of Technology Analytics

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Erin C. Ellis

Director of Quality and Advanced Technology Advisor

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Next Steps...

If you believe that your technology firm would benefit by a significant capital infusion via our unique technology licensing strategy and relationships in China, please feel free to contact us for more information at info@USChina.Center