Advanced Technology Venture Creation / Putting the Pieses Together

Our highly experienced team of US-China experts have come together pursuant to an agreement with the Jingsu International Association of Science and Technology Cooperation (JIASTC) to create a joint technology center that will facilitate joint US-China advanced technology transactions and development.

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Licensing and Venture Creation/ Getting the Right Fit

Very few US-based Small and Medium-sized Enterprises (SME;s) are ever able to enter the vast and complex Chinese manufacturing and technology development marketplace in the formative stages of growth. Our Center is primarily focused upon the task of connecting these SMEs to trusted Chinese enterprises as a licensing/venture creation agent for the China marketplace.

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Combing Venturre Creation with Joint R&D/Universities, Institutes, Government Labs and Research Centers

Advanced technology licensing and venture creation obviously requires ongoing R&D to stay ahead of the technology curve that is ever changing at a faster and faster rate, It is out goal to not only facilitate US-China technology transactions; but we also intend to connect US and Chinese researchers for ongoing joint research to maintain the cutting edge in both nations.

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Why US-China Licensing & Joint R&D is a Win-Win for Technology Development Firms in Both Nations

Our Founder and Executive Director, RIT's Saunders College of Business Research Professor of Innovation & Entrepreneurship and Director of China Initiatives, spent over a year working directly with China's most senior leaders in the development and commercialization of emerging and advanced technologies to help China to find the best pathway for joint US-China technology venture creation and technology development.

After  lecturing and training over 100 senior advanced technology delegations to the US from China, Mr. Sumin Cao , the President of the Jiangsu International Association of Science and Technology Cooperation (JIASTC) and Professor Crowley took the bold step to form two new centers for advanced technology cooperationand venture creation. One in Rochester, New York and one in Jiangsu Province. Our US-China Center was formed pursuant to a long term joint venture creation, development and training agreement with JIASTC.

President Sumin Cao and Mr. Crowley spent a great deal of time reviewing the best way forward for US -China  advanced technology transactions venture creation and cooperation.After consideing many development formats, hey concluded that direct venture capital investment by Chinese enterprises was too complex and costly for seed, start-up and most early-stage US technology firms

Our experience in both the US and China strongly suggests that technology licensing is a better way forward than direct foreign investment. We believe that a grant of IP from a US high tech firm to a trusted Chinese license/ R&D development partner will not only bring needed capital to US SMEs but will also build important long term relationships.

Our Center will serve as an independent agent for the purpose of doing due diligence and packaging tech transactions for review by our Chinese counterparts. We will analyze and select the most promising US emerging and advanced technology SMEs and work with our joint Chinese Center associates in Jinagsu to present fair and reasonable licensing transactions licensing proposals n a professional manner that we anticipate will be  cceptable to both sides.

We anticpate that in exchange for the grant of exclusive licesnes for the China marketplace, each transaction will have significant advance licesning fees and appropriate ongoing royalties.

The Center will only use standardized licensing agreements adipted and in use by America's top research universities. Wewill also work with both sides to obtain any approvals required by The Committe on Foreign Investment in the US (CFIUS).



Next Steps...

If you feel that you have an emerging or advanced technology that is at a stage of development where licensing of IP rights for the Chinese marketplace makes sense to you, we believe that there are opportunities in China that may fit with your short and long term growth objectives